rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Well, there I go again, nodding off in front of the television. At least I didn't fall asleep before Ron Weasley's dad, hiding out in an English village and pretending to be a Muggle Catholic priest, solved the murder. And then at least I woke up again before midnight so I can write this brief journal entry.

It was pretty chilly today, and will be even colder tomorrow, but tomorrow night is supposed to be a bit milder than tonight will be because rain will arrive tomorrow evening and help keep the temperature up. Monday night will be near freezing again, though. I don't know if the feral cats' water bowls froze last night because I woke up fairly late this morning, by which time any ice on them would have melted. It probably won't be quite cold enough to freeze them tonight, though.

I saw a raccoon in the back yard a few minutes ago. It was alone. Last summer there was a raccoon family coming around— two adults and three young ones. I think this lone raccoon might have been one of the young ones, now almost grown. It was too small to be either of the adults. It wasn't especially afraid of me, which is why I suspect it has seen me before and knows I'm not a threat.

It probably found me to be a disappointment, however, since I left no food out for it. The feral cats ate everything I gave them tonight, and I never deliberately feed the raccoons, no matter how cute they are. I have too many cats to feed from my limited budget.

But now I need to close the computer room and its furnace outlet, to concentrate the heat in the living room. The dry air of the furnace is making me thirsty, too. I'm not sure what I have left to drink, since the nephew has been around guzzling vast quantities of beverages. The only ones left might be those with caffeine in them, and it's too late to be drinking caffeine. I might have to make do with water. Until the drought really kicks in it will be impossible for him to consume my entire supply of that.

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