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The frogs are getting louder each night. In spring, when the nights are milder, I'd be outside listening to them much longer. As chilly as it is right now I can't remain out for long. Too bad, because the stars are out, too, the clouds having thinned considerably. Orion is hanging above the pine trees, sparkling in the absence of the late-rising moon.

The next couple of days are predicted to be almost warm— in the mid-sixties, which would be nice for those spring evenings I wish we were having. The mild days won't be followed by mild nights, though. Those will continue to get down into the high forties, until late next week when some genuinely cold wintry nights could arrive. There is even a possibility of local snow flurries during the rainstorm that is forecast for a week from this coming Sunday.

But I've pretty much given up hope of ever seeing any actual snow here again. It has been several years now since we've had anything resembling a proper snowfall. It gets close to cold enough, but usually when there is no storm to bring snow, and when there is a storm it always seems to be a bit too warm. Heating the house during a snowstorm isn't any more costly than heating it on a cold, dry night, so it seems like a waste to have to burn gas without any snowy reward.

Once again, English people are about to murder one another on television, so it's time for me to go. And once again I've dawdled too long and my dinner will have to wait until around eleven o'clock. I really need to get a grip on the passage of time. This Internet thing is eating my brain. Well, that means at least something has been fed on time. Wish it was me.

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