rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The frogs are back. I can hear them from my back porch, croaking away along their little creek a few hundred feet east. Their creek is likely to get freshened some more over the next couple of days, though their nights will be getting chillier than they've been for a while. The days are supposed to warm up a bit over the weekend, but then we could get more rain early next week. The frogs will be happy for that. The feral cats will prefer the weekend. So will I, since it will mean the furnace won't be running as much.

Of course there's no other good reason to celebrate the lack of cold. The snow pack in the Sierra Nevada is currently only a fraction of normal for the date. It's looking more and more as though last year's copious snowfall was a fluke, and that the long-term condition in California now is likely to be drought. Realizing this, I intend to enjoy what little rain we do get, and the frog songs it brings. Starting right now, in fact.

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