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Although it has been raining since before I woke up this morning, sometimes pretty hard, the skylight on my back porch is barely leaking. The bucket catches a drop every five or ten seconds, but at the rate it's going it would take days to fill it up. I have no idea what has happened to the leaks. Maybe the cracks around the skylight have gotten filled in with randomly accumulating dirt. Whatever the cause, it's nice not to have to empty that bucket. I do hope whatever dam is blocking the leak doesn't break suddenly and flood the porch.

There hasn't been much wind with this storm, either. I'm sure the feral cats are happy that the three throw rugs I have out there to provide them with warmish spots to sit or nap aren't damp. They are probably also glad that,though it isn't exactly warm tonight, it isn't especially cold either, and won't be until the cold front passes through sometime tomorrow night. After tomorrow, the next rain predicted isn't until late next Monday, perhaps continuing off and on into Wednesday. That rain isn't expected to be very cold, either.

I forgot to mention yesterday that I finally got my stamps. I forgot to mention previously that I needed stamps. I thought I had some, but realized two weeks ago that I was out. I intend to get some the following Sunday, but skipped the store where I usually buy them and only realized I'd forgotten them again after I got home. My sister offered to pick some up, so I gave her ten bucks for a book but then she got busy during the week and was never able to drop them off. So I finally got them yesterday and was able to send some mail off. Isn't that a riveting story? Don;t laugh. It was one of the most exciting things to happen here in ages.

The wheelie bins have to go out tonight. Luckily it's a recycling week, and the recycling bin is nowhere near full so I can just forget it, and thus the only one that has to go out to the street in the rain is the trash. I probably won't get very wet, and I'll be able to check the mail at the same time.

I got fresh zucchini and mushrooms yesterday, so tonight will be another ramen with mushrooms and three vegetables night. I had chili last night, and it was angry with me all morning, so it will be nice to have a better-behaved meal tonight.

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