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No Drummers Drumming - Weather, Or Not [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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No Drummers Drumming [Jan. 5th, 2018|09:00 pm]
We've finally gotten a modicum of rain— enough that the rain gutter on the back of the house overflowed for a while this afternoon. There's probably been around half an inch so far, though I doubt we'll get much more out of this storm. It has tapered off, and the Doppler radar map shows only one more intensely rainy patch, off to the southwest, and that one might miss us all together.

The next likely rain will arrive Monday and could last into Tuesday afternoon. The current rain has not been very cold, but the next storm might be a bit chillier, but still not truly wintry cold. The eastern half of the country appears to be hogging all the cold air right now (sorry, guys.)

Shopping is definitely on for Sunday, which ought to be dry, and might even bring a bit more sunshine than clouds. But that is then, this is now, and English people are about to murder one another on television. I don't want to miss it. My already belated dinner will have to wait until the bodies are stacked up and counted and the miscreants hauled off.

[User Picture]From: daisydumont
2018-01-07 12:04 am (UTC)
Today's the Epiphany. I fear that KING FM's Classical Christmas station will go off-air tomorrow. What's the music for the rest of January and into February?

(Joe, find another musical theme for your posts. This has been fun!)
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