rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

No Lords A-leaping

The clouds have gotten thicker and thinner, thicker and thinner, and no rain has fallen, yet the forecast says there is a 90% chance tonight. going down to a 40% chance of showers tomorrow, and then back up to a 96% chance of rain Friday. This evening the moon has been clearly visible most of the time, rising beyond the bare oak tree, and making all the thin clouds in its quarter of the sky glow, and though it is lovely to see it is not as enjoyable as some water falling from the sky would be.

Last night I was going to make some ramen with vegetables and mushrooms, but I got distracted by something on television and then I fell asleep and never got around to eating. That means I can eat the ramen tonight, unless I fall asleep again. It's nice not to have to decide what to eat. If it weren't for the fact that starving would eventually kill me I'd be happy to miss dinner every night, just so I wouldn't have to think about it anymore. Of course I could avoid thinking about it by simply eating the same thing every night, but then I'd get bored, and being bored is worse than having to think, and probably worse than being dead, so no.

Shopping this week I snagged a small jar of marinated artichoke hearts at Grocery Outlet, and that's what I had for lunch, with a few cheesy crostini. Tasty, but not very substantial, so I'm really ready for that ramen now. Maybe by the time I've finished there will be some rain. I really, really, really want there to be some rain.

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