rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

No Ladies Dancing

Today was not quite as warm as predicted, so I'm going to be skeptical of the forecast for tomorrow, which says it will be warmer than today was. I'll believe the part that says it's going to be mostly cloudy, but not the part that says the high is going to be 63 degrees. I'm guessing it will get down into the fifties, and not get back up into the sixties for quite some time. Even that is something that would barely pass for winter in these parts in a normal year, though it's still something that will boost my utility bill above last month's.

Meanwhile, it looks like the east coast is going to get socked with a nasty winter storm, and after it passes all the air in the arctic is going to get sucked into the whole region east of the rockies and freeze everybody's arses off. Yikes. If I should forget myself over the next week or so and complain about how cold I am, or if I gloat over how comparatively mild it is here, while your arse is being frozen off, please don't hesitate to tell me I'm being a total dick.

I've been sort of dopey and unfocused again today, but I did remember that trash day is tomorrow (one day late thanks to the holiday) and I got the wheelie bins dealt with. Now if I can remember tomorrow that it is Wednesday and I can look at the new supermarket ads, I'll be doing pretty well. The only thing left to do tonight is fox something to eat. I guess it will be ramen with vegetables and mushrooms.

Rain possible late tomorrow night.

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