rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

No Maids A-milking

Drat. Another year disappoints me by starting off with a day almost exactly like the last day of the previous year. New years should really try harder. You'll never get a second chance to make a first impression, 2018! Well, I guess it was nice that it was fairly mild again today, and it was nice to see Pasadena on television, and the full moon tonight is pleasant enough, but I can't say this was all worth waiting an entire year for. Maybe I ought to have had a pizza delivered. That would at least have been something to distinguish the day. Too late now.

There was a bit more noise last night than we've had in recent years. I would imagine the milder weather had something to do with that. Usually New Year's Eve is so cold here that people just rush back into their cozy houses as fast as they can. Last night it had barely gotten down to fifty degrees by midnight, though it did drop another six or seven degrees before it started warming up this morning. The afternoon was briefly quite pleasant, though not pleasant enough to have the windows open. I'd dearly love a day or two of fresh air in the house, but I'm very unlikely to get it anytime soon.

Much heavier clouds are on the way this week, and though there is still no prospect of snow there could be a bit of rain, if nothing comes along to thwart it. And it will get to be pretty chilly rain toward the end of the week, too. Plus there could be more rain early next week, and that rain could be even chillier. It's probably time to start worrying about this month's utility bill again.

Since I didn't order pizza I'm going to microwave the last frozen tamale tonight, and pour a can of chili beans over it. It isn't a restaurant quality meal, but then neither is my own cooking, so I'm in no position to complain. At least I've got plenty of fresh cheese to sprinkle over it all. Happy New Year.

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