rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

No Calling Birds

The New Year's Eve rain has been canceled, or perhaps just postponed, as there is now a forecast for rain on Wednesday and/or Thursday. The peak probability is only 63% so far, but we shall see. More interesting is the absence of any nocturnal lows in the thirties until a week from this coming Saturday. That could shave a few bucks of my January utility bill, but probably not enough to keep it below $250, which is what I'm budgeting for it.

But there I go getting distracted again. About forty pages of Internet just sucked up two hours of my life. Now I have to re-adjust to being here right now. Here being this room with a cat nagging me for something. She's been fed, and used the litter box, so it's probably just attention. She's jealous of the computer, I think.
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