rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

No Partridge

The overcast cleared out early today, and tonight I can see the waxing crescent moon, already well along toward being a half moon. The weather is once again fairly mild for the time of year, and there is no sign of rain in the forecast, so I'm getting more worried. A mild winter is not worth drought and a summer with water rationing.

For the last few days I've had a feeling in my head and throat that I get when I'm coming down with a cold, but so far no cold has appeared. The main problem is that this feeling fills me with a nostalgia for a vanished world and a craving for the foods it provided. I keep thinking about a meatball sandwich they made at a place in Alhambra, and about hamburgers from Benny's, or that place on Fifth Street in downtown Los Angeles. Oh, and barbecued brisket, and real spumoni, and coffee, which I don't drink as much as I want of because it would keep me awake. Why feeling like I'm coming down with a cold makes me crave these particular things I don't know, but there it is.

Also the winter ant infestation has returned to my kitchen. It actually began during the rain a couple of weeks ago, but has continued intermittently ever since. Every other day or so I have to slaughter a bunch of Formicidae on the sink board or a cabinet or along the window sill. It's very annoying, and I'm using up all my Formula 409 (I don't want to use any ant poisons around food, or cats, and I've found that this household cleanser kills ants on contact— which does make me wonder what might be in the stuff, but I won't look a gift spray in the... whatever one would look a spray in.

I can't find the sheet of paper the trash collection company sends out every year with their schedule on it, but I seem to remember that Christmas is one of the few holidays that forces a one-day delay in collection. That means my trash would go out tomorrow night instead of tonight, but as I'm not sure, I think I'll go ahead and put it out tonight. Better to have the wheelie bins out for an extra day, and to have to go out to the street to empty tomorrow's accumulation of trash, than to miss the pickup and end up accidentally hoarding the stuff for an extra week.

Canned tamales for dinner, I think.

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