rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The shopping is done for the week, and I was able to buy a couple of bargain items I hadn't thought I could afford this week (thanks, Mike) including a pumpkin pie. I'm fixing ramen for dinner tonight, since there are old vegetables I need to use up before I start in on the stuff I bought today. But one of the stores that is not Safeway had some of the best green beans I've seen in ages, on sale for .99 a pound, so I bought a load of those and some will be going into the ramen with the old mushrooms and carrots and zucchini.

Today turned out to be a bit warmer than expected, and was warmer still down the hill at Safeway, but tomorrow is expected to cool again, though the tentative rain Christmas Eve has been canceled. I'm sure the Elf has something to do with that. He's still got influence with the ancient pagan gods who control the weather, and he doesn't want his reindeer to get wet. They are such whiners, and would be complaining about it for hours.

Oh, but English people are murdering one another on television even as I type! I must go watch them!
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