rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Last Fallen Day

There were some sprinkles falling last night before I went to sleep, and when I woke up very early this morning there was a bit of damp outside, but I don't think it ever rained very much. If it did, I slept through it. But today the bright morning sun made the rooftops steam as the frost melted off of them, and that's always fun to watch. Fun for a few minutes, until the nippy air drives me back indoors. It stayed pretty nippy all day, but at least the breezes weren't very strong, so whenever I ventured out again I didn't freeze immediately.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a rerun of today, and then after that things will warm up just a bit. The feral cats will be glad for that, and so will I. The most interesting thing in the forecast is a possibility of showers on Christmas Eve. Not the best time for them, with people rushing about buying last minute things. At least it will be a Sunday, so no commuter traffic getting caught on the wet roads (we are very paranoid about wet roads in California. They are one of the signs of the regional apocalypse.)

Tonight I'm probably going to microwave some frozen lasagna, since the regular oven is still broken. I microwaved some last week and it turned out okay, though not quite as good as when properly baked. The broiler is still working, though, so there will be garlic toast to go with it. And if the nephew coughs up some money I'll be able to replenish the lasagna supply since Safeway has it on sale all month. There's also a possibility of pie, if it isn't sold out by the time I get there. If I have to shop on Sunday it probably will be, but shopping day isn't decided yet.

Tomorrow is the winter solstice. MY bones say it's arriving several days late.

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