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The warm period is definitely over now. Today they probably got some rain in the region north of here, but so far all we've had is clouds and cold air. The temperatures for the next ten days are predicted to be about normal for this time of year, meaning in the fifties by day and down into the low forties or high thirties by night.

The only chance of rain in the forecast is next Wednesday, very early in the morning before dawn. But it is also supposed to get down to 34 degrees. That means we will be very close to getting the conditions necessary for snow. Just a slightly lower temperature and some rain and there could be a white coating on the ground that morning, even if it's just frozen rain clinging to the grass.

Tomorrow will be the shopping day, but it shouldn't take very long. I got the gas and electric bill today, and it was about twenty dollars more than the maximum I'd expected. That means I can't take anything out of the bank for groceries this week, and since the nephew hasn't coughed up any money I'll have to do severe triage on my list.

And given the size of this month's bill, despite the fairly mild weather of late, the prospect of January and February's bills is now giving me the fantods. It is bound to get a lot colder, and thus a lot more expensive. It's pretty chilly in the house right now, but I don't dare turn the thermostat up. I'll have to resort to going outside periodically so it will feel warmer by comparison when I come back in.

There is also ramen to eat, which should warm me up a bit, and I think there is one more slice of apple pie I can heat in the microwave. Unless the nephew sneaked into the kitchen and took it. If he did, next time he comes around I might render his fat and burn it to heat the place.

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