rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Not Subjective

It turned out a bit colder than predicted both last night and today, so I'm not counting on the prediction for tomorrow to be accurate. It looks like this mild spell isn't going to bring me any opportunities to have the windows open. I did leave the back door open for an hour or so this afternoon, but the back room isn't directly heated and so was actually already colder than the outdoor peak temperature. There was no noticeable gain, but neither any loss from opening that door.

Although a tentative forecast of rain a week from Thursday has been reinstated, I'm not counting on that either. Even if we do get rain that day, the long gap between it and the previous rain has me worried that the drought might be returning already. We only had one wet year! It would be terribly disappointing to go back to skimping on water next summer. Some of my plants still haven't recovered from their extended thirst prior to last years big wetness. A good half of my jasmine hedge is barely alive, and another quarter looks pretty scruffy.

Once again I forgot to check the supermarket web sites today. I won't have much to spend this week anyway, unless the nephew coughs up some of the money he owes me. That's another thing I'm not counting on. But I'll check the ads anyway, because I'm curious about what I might be missing.

But first I'd better eat something. It's always easier to ignore food bargains when I'm full.

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