rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Stuff for Saturday

The wind has died down, and today brought only occasional soft breezes. It wasn't exactly warm, but it couldn't have been called cold either. The days to come will be much the same, if the forecast is correct, so December is continuing to be more like what one would expect from late October or early November. Halloween weather! And it looks like it could continue past the middle of the month, so that's good news as far as my gas and electric bill is concerned. It is also continuing to be dry, so maybe not so good for my water bills— although those are never as high as the power bills, so on the whole I'm in luck.

Tomorrow is definitely shopping day, and I hope I can get enough sleep tonight that I can get up in plenty of time to get ready. For some reason I'm feeling totally wired right now. Chances are I'll collapse in exhaustion at some point, but if I don't I'm going to be muddleheaded tomorrow. Hell, I'm pretty muddleheaded right now. Well, pretty much always anymore. So I guess it doesn't make any difference, really.

I think I'll go drink something with vodka in it.

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