rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Blow by Blow

It's windy again tonight— much windier than it was during the day, but no more so than the last couple of nights. It's not quit as cold as it was last night,though, so I've been sitting on the porch listening to the pines moan and the few remaining oak and walnut leaves fall, and hearing those that have already fallen blow along the ground as they dry out and come unstuck.

There's no view of distant lights here, what with the trees all around (and there aren't that many lights in this town anyway) so I don't get to do one of my favorite things, which is watch them flicker. Watching the lights flicker on a windy night was one of the pleasures of living in Los Angeles that I miss most.

Once again I didn't get around to checking the supermarket web sites. The rest of the Internet conspired against me, as usual. Most likely I won't get around to it until much later tonight, or maybe not even until tomorrow, since I really must go eat something now. My blood sugar has crashed and my brain is sputtering. A few handfuls of peanuts, I've discovered, is no substitute for a meal.

Whoa, the windows are rattling. I hope that leaning oak tree next door doesn't come down on my den.

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