rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Groceries Undampened

I managed to go shopping without getting wet, though the sky was very dark all afternoon. It only began to rain a short time ago, though not very vigorously, and it will probably be over by dawn. The forecast now predicts five sunny days in a row, followed by four partly cloudy days, and most of them will be fairly mild— which this time of year means highs around sixty degrees, and nocturnal lows around forty. Not a whole lot of help with the gas bill, but a little bit. It could be worse. Maybe it will be worse. The forecast is sometimes wrong.

Safeway was out of a couple of key items I wanted, so I cut back on the other stuff I was considering getting as well. They offered six dollars off an order of sixty dollars or more, but the two missing items would have been a bit over a third of the requirement, so I'm saving the other purchases I would have made for another day. That store really needs to do a better job of keeping the shelves stocked.

Still, I got my frozen lasagnas and some sponges for dish washing (this is the last weekend of a sale on them) and a few other items that are all I need to see me though this week. Shopping triage always leaves me a bit annoyed, though, as I don't like my plans to be disrupted. Safeway's competitor thus sold a few more things than they would have had Safeway not annoyed me. Eventually the situation will be reversed and the competitor will lose some sales to Safeway, and the world will be in balance once more and nothing will have been accomplished. So it goes.

Now I can look forward to a Sunday at home, without interruptions. I wonder how I will squander it?
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