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Cloudy [Nov. 30th, 2017|09:52 pm]
The sunsets are getting better now that we are getting intermittent clouds and the cold air has some ice crystals to catch the light. This evening we had some nice golds and mauves and reds, nicely set off by the big clumps of cloud that were dark gray, and now there is some moonlight and still some clouds about for it to shine on. The moon will be full on the third, so it's pretty big tonight. I'd spend more time watching it, but I can't deal with the cold for as long as I used to. My ears start tingling with anticipatory numbness the minute I get outdoors.

Shopping is not yet arranged, and the possibility that I'll be going tomorrow has grown vanishingly small. Probably not Saturday, either, as the chance of rain that afternoon is rising again. Sunday afternoon is supposed to be dry, but quite chilly. All three of those days the stores are apt to be crowded, so that won't be a major factor. But then the fact that I've been sneezing all evening forces me to consider the possibility that I might not be going at all, if I am coming down with a cold.

I keep getting distracted and forgetting to eat lunch, yet for some reason I don't seem to be losing any weight. I keep waiting for my pants to get looser, but they never do. In fact they seem to be getting a bit tighter. I wonder if I've begun to absorb nutrition from the air? That might be a good thing. It would certainly be economical. Unless, of course, I had to keep buying bigger and bigger pants.

No English people murdering one another on television tonight, but I believe there are Scotsmen and Englishmen killing one another in battle. Not an ideal substitute, but beggars can't be choosers. I think Robert Burns said that.