rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Things to Come

I've been listening to the furnace running more and more frequently as the night chills, and I'm beginning to fear that next month's utility bill is going to be a budget killer. More cold nights are ahead, and next week they will start dropping into the thirties night after night. Late December has stolen a march on early December.

The rain we were supposed to get on Saturday has been downgraded to evening showers, too. Cold without any appreciable rain hardly seems worthwhile. But then if we don't get rain this weekend at least I won't have to worry about getting wet when I go shopping. I'm not yet sure which day that will be. Schedules are always more tenuous this time of year. The stores are always more crowded, too, and as December progresses things will just get more hectic. I envy the hibernating bears and their delicious repose.

Oh, it's a good thing I remembered that I had an avocado in a paper bag. If I'd left it one more day it would have been way overripe. I'm not sure it isn't partly damaged already, in fact, but as I'm only planning to make a bit of guacamole with it I won't need the whole thing. Taquitos, a tamale and a burrito for dinner. Plus lemon cake for desert, if I have room for it. If not, for breakfast tomorrow. Cake for breakfast! My boyhood self would be so envious of me!

I don't usually link to news items here, particularly if the news is politically fraught, but the fall from already-less-than-grace of news clown Matt Lauer has filled me with exquisite schadenfruede, and I must share this with anyone who might also delight in the sudden (yet long overdue) downfall of this smug, odious, sexist swine. Amanda Marcotte's excellent article (which as a bonus warms the cockles of my heart on this chilly night) also mentions some of his self-important cohorts who have recently gotten their noses deservingly rubbed in it, too. Bad cess to the lot of them! I'm sure there will be more of their ilk being shot down by more and more courageous women in days to come.

Matt Lauer and the emails: Accused harassers conjured a fake Hillary scandal

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