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Disruption [Nov. 25th, 2017|08:20 pm]
My shopping trip got canceled again today. I'll be going on Monday instead, as tomorrow is expected to be quite stormy. There could be well over an inch of rain between early Sunday morning and around noon on Monday. If the storm stalls on top of us, I could end up getting wet Monday afternoon anyway, but I'll be running quite low on some important stuff by then, so I'd just have to put up with being soggy.

Tomorrow is also supposed to be considerably colder than today was. In fact right now it's still about four degrees above what tomorrow's high is expect to be, and from tomorrow night on the nocturnal lows will be at least ten degrees lower than tonight's low will be, especially after the storm has moved on, so this is my last chance to be even moderately comfortable outside by night for along time.

This afternoon even the slightest breezes would send dozens of walnut leaves fluttering to the ground. The back lawn is completely covered with them now. I'm sure most of the rest will come down within the next couple of days. Once they have dried (after the soaking they'll get tomorrow) I'll be able to rake the whole mass up and be done with them until next autumn. Of course the mulberry in the front yard has barely begun to shed, so it will be quite some time before I'll be done with this year's raking altogether. But the back lawn will soon be visible again.

I just checked outside and sprinkles are already falling. I'll take that to be a good sign. If the storm arrives early it's more likely to leave early as well, so I'll be able to have clear skies (or at least not rainy skies) when I go shopping Monday.

[User Picture]From: daisydumont
2017-11-26 10:38 pm (UTC)
I hope you get to the store unsoaked! I went over to my lunchplace at 11:30, noticed dark clouds to the northwest and some odd sunshowery sprinkles, and then came back home in a cold downpour. Yikes!
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