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Honk If You Love Geese - Weather, Or Not — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Honk If You Love Geese [Nov. 24th, 2017|09:50 pm]
The shopping today got canceled, and I'll probably be going tomorrow. I can strike the Friday sale items off my list. That doesn't leave much to buy, so I'll have a bit more money toward my first December shopping trip. But it also threw tonight's dinner plans into disarray. I haven't figured out what to have in lieu of the thing I was going to buy today. I'll probably end up just opening another can of soup.

Since I didn't do anything special for the holiday, I can't figure out why I had post-holiday letdown today. It turned up even before I found out I wasn't going shopping after all, so that wasn't the cause. Maybe it's just in the air. The cold, gray air. But there were geese in the cold gray air this evening, too, which cheered me up just a little bit. I'm thinking I might make some popcorn later, which might cheer me up a bit more.

One week to December. There's little time left for this year to redeem itself. I don't expect that it will.