rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

K Thnksgvng Bye

Following a few early showers the day continued cloudy but rainless until afternoon, when a bit of sunshine appears. Tomorrow is apt to be a rerun, minus the showers. The walnut tree's leaves have finally all turned yellow, and a large percentage of them have fallen already.

The oaks are close to bare, and no longer conceal the streetlight on the block behind my house, so it glares into my back yard all night. I'd need to plant some sort of thick evergreen at a particular spot near the fence in order to keep the back porch dark at night, but it would take years for it to grow large enough to do any good.

Shopping has been arranged for tomorrow afternoon. There's not much on sale at Safeway this week, which is what I'd expected, and the other store hasn't yet posted a new ad on the Internet, but odds are I'll get away with a fairly small grocery bill this week. That will give me a running start on next week, when the sales usually get better again.

It also gives me a chance to make a dent in the stuff I stocked up on cheap in November. Last time I looked in the cupboard I had a what the Hell was I thinking? moment. It's going to take all winter to use up all that soup. I won't be using any of it tonight, because it's Thanksgiving and I like to have the traditional American-Chinese food for the holiday. This year it's broccoli beef and chow mein! It doesn't get more Pilgrimy than that, does it!

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