rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Thanks to some clouds that thickened through the afternoon, the day turned out to be less warm than expected. And thanks to the thinning of the clouds this evening, the night will turn out to be colder than predicted. I still decided to keep the windows open for a while, but it soon grew too chilly outside and I had to close them after a couple of hours.

I don't know if I'll be able to open them tomorrow or not. Tomorrow's rain has been all but canceled, but the temperature will peak at 66, which is where I have my thermostat set. Possibly there will be a brief time when having the windows open will not make the house any colder, and I'll get some fresh air. It might be the last fresh air I can let in until spring, so I'll grab it if I can.

The weekend rain has not been canceled yet, and could begin Saturday night and continue through Monday afternoon. The storm could bring over an inch, but probably not much over. I am in no danger of being washed away, nor are the feral cats, though I'm sure they'll be displeased at being made to endure more rain so soon after the last storm.

Clearing sky gave me a good view of the waxing crescent moon this evening. I'd have spent more time looking at it but the evening chill drove me indoors. That's where I'll be all night.

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