rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Mildly Mild

I got to keep the windows open for about three hours today. The house didn't get any warmer, but it didn't get any colder either, and the air got freshened. Tomorrow I might be able to keep them open a bit longer, but probably still won't get any warmth to store up for the night. As an Indian summer, this mild spell is likely to be a disappointment, but it's still a nice break from the chilly gray of the last couple of weeks, and the chilly gray that will return in a couple of days.

While I have enjoyed the change in the weather, the AT&T cable through which I get Internets apparently hasn't. My connection has been iffy all day, and has been cutting out quite a bit over the last hour or so. I'm guessing it was last night's rain followed by todays bright sun and then this evening's sudden cooling that brought on these conniptions. Cranky contraption conniptions. Grotty gadgets.

I just realized that autumn is just about two thirds over now. That means in three months winter will be just about two thirds over, and there will most likely be camellias to look at outside my window. In the meantime I won't be eating any turkey this week. It's been years since I've eaten any turkey, and I have to say I don't miss it at all. Now sometime over the next month or so I'm sure I'll develop a craving for ham,which I usually do this time of year. Last year I indulged it, and ended up with more ham than I really wanted. If I indulge it this year I think I'll just pick up a couple of slices. That should be quite enough.

There probably won't be many items on sale at the markets this week, since everybody will be stuffed. That's probably a good thing, since I'm running low on cash and don't want to get into the bank account again so soon after writing that enormous property tax check. I don't trust my arithmetical skillz, and don't want to risk an overdraft.

Tamales for dinner.

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