rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Chilly Again

It's gotten quite nippy outside tonight, and it's nippy enough indoors with the thermostat set to 64 to save gas. I'm thinking I'll have to raise it back up to 66, because my ears are getting tingly even under my hoodie, and my toes are tingly as well. I just have crappy circulation anymore. The good news is that next week's three days of rain have been converted to four days, but not as cold as previously predicted, and with a two-day hiatus in between when the high could get up into the mid-sixties. That won't be high enough to warm the house, but it will be high enough to reduce the amount of time I'll need to run the furnace.

Shopping has been tentatively arranged for tomorrow afternoon. A Grocery Outlet ad arrived in my email today, with yet another pie sale in it. Actually, two pie sales, one for frozen pies and one for fresh, and better prices than even the ones I already knew about. Neither of these is among my favorite pie brands, though, so I might just stick with my original plan for one fresh pie from Safeway and one frozen pie from Save Mart. Two pies for three bucks is an awfully tempting deal, though, even if they are Mrs. Smith's (the mediocre brand.) (But then maybe I could buy them as a distraction for the nephew in case he comes to raid the freezer.)

Also good news, English people will murder one another on television tonight, and I have a tamale, a burrito, and taquitos for dinner. English murder and Mexican food are an unbeatable combination, as far as I'm concerned, especially on a chilly November night. The only problem is that I forgot to chill a beer, so it's in the freezer and I hope it gets chilled to perfection by the time the English mayhem comes on at nine o'clock. It should get cold enough by then, as it started out at 64 degrees and thus didn't have very far to go.

Oh, and geese have been flying south over the neighborhood again tonight. I'm still waiting to hear some trumpeter swans. They are like having a jazz club in the sky, however briefly.

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