rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Dumb Guy

The chiropractic adjustment this afternoon went reasonably well, considering I hadn't had one in seven weeks. I'll probably be a bit sore tomorrow, but then I won't be doing anything or going anywhere, so I can just rest up. The forecast is predicting over three inches of rain. It's likely to start falling before dawn, and continue falling pretty intensely through tomorrow, tapering off after midnight but continuing off and on through the early morning hours of Friday. A much less intense storm could begin Sunday night, with showers for several days after that.

Ski resorts in the Sierra are preparing to open, as this storm could bring as much as three feet of snow to the higher elevations. This is the same storm system that has been inundating the Pacific northwest for the last couple of days. So far we've just been on the fringes of it, and this afternoon the sky here was full of densely crowded flocks of sheep clouds. It was quite impressive, though the sunset was less so. I guess the clouds lacked sufficient ice to catch the colors. It's expected to dip just barely below fifty degrees here tonight.

I got my gas/electric bill this afternoon but haven't opened it yet. It's sitting on the desk, threatening. I should probably just open it and get it over with....


Well, actually that's not quite as bad as I'd expected, though the chilly late September nights did cause some havoc. I went well over the first-tier allowance and had to pay the higher price for about three quarters of what I burned. The winter allowance kicks in on November first, so I paid the lower, first-tier price for everything I've used since then. I'm sure I'll be getting into the second tier in December, though, so next month's bill is sure to top $100, probably by a whole lot. This month it's only 90 bucks and change. Phew. I was really expecting it to go over a hundred this month.

On the way home today I stopped and got a fresh bottle of shampoo from the dollar store. The last time I bought it I discovered that they had changed the formula— or so I thought. When I saw the bottle in the store today a thought came to me, and when I got home I checked the old bottle I've been using for the last few weeks. As the sight of the new bottle had suggested to me in the store, the old bottle wasn't shampoo at all, but conditioner. I've been trying to shampoo my hair with conditioner for weeks now, terribly annoyed that their "new formula" couldn't produce decent lather! I guess this puts me in the running for this year's Homer Simpson D'Oh! Prize for Incredible Dopiness. I'm also guessing I'm in the lead so far.

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