rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I've just now finished folding the laundry. Where does the time go? This afternoon it looked for a while that some of it might get lost in a fog, but the fog failed to thicken as I'd hoped. We got a bit of drizzle now and then, but no real rain. Tomorrow is supposed to bring some sun, and it will be slightly warmer, but still colder than autumn should be. It ought to be in the mid-sixties in this part of November, not the mid-fifties. At least the nights are no colder than they normally are, though.

But wherever the time went, it's gone now, and I have to go put the wheelie bins out. I can't remember if Armistice Day Veterans Day is one of the holidays that leads to a change in trash pickup schedule, and I can't find the sheep with the information on it, but better safe than keeping trash an extra week, so out they go.

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