rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Shorty, the black feral cat, caught a rodent today. It looked like a vole. I heard Shorty smack against the inside of the aluminum wall of the shed in the back yard, and seconds later he emerged with the rodent in his mouth. Voles would be wise to avoid that shed, as Shorty has claimed it for his own. It's where he spends much of his time, especially when there is rain.

I've been intending to put a box with some rags in it out there for him to sleep in when it gets cold. He sometimes spends chilly nights in the cupboard on the back porch, in which I have placed a couple of old pillows, but most of the time he seems to prefer the shed.

Arrangements have been made for a shopping trip tomorrow. There will be pie, among other things, and some grapefruit juice. Oh, and the butter is on sale so I can stock up. Always good to have plenty of butter during popcorn weather.

I'm running a bit late tonight because English people were murdering one another on television tonight. They were murders I've seen before, but they wear well.

There should be some sunshine tomorrow. This afternoon I saw a few streaks of blue among the clouds, but they were soon gone.

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