rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The last rainstorm took its time getting here and arrived almost a day late, but this one hurried and got here several hours ahead of time. Rain has been falling most of the day, but mostly in moderate amounts. There is no wind to speak of, either, so my back porch has remained pretty dry for the feral cats. Tonight won't be as cold as last night was, and tomorrow is likely to be a rerun of today, but with a bit less rain. Tomorrow night will get heavier rain, and there could be rain most oft he day Friday, but it will probably end that evening. Saturday is looking like it could be pleasant and dry, but not especially warm.

There could be two rainstorms next week, the first from Sunday evening through Monday evening, and the next from Wednesday afternoon through very early Friday morning. Tuesday is predicted to be fair, though chilly. No rain on Tuesday would be nice, as that's when my next appointment with the chiropractor is. It was originally scheduled for the middle of last month, but has been moved twice. It will be seven weeks since my last adjustment, so I'm really hoping it doesn't have to be delayed again. My neck is getting quite uncomfortable.

Oops. I spoke too soon. Drumming on the roof just started, and I went out to see what was up and not only is there a downpour going on, but the wind has picked up. The porch won't be dry for long. Shorty, the black cat, has already taken refuge in the cupboard under the sink, and Porky, who spends most of his time next door, is huddling in a corner next to the back door. I think I'd better shut the computer down in case the wind uproots a tree and drops it on an electric line creating an outage. If the bluster doesn't last too long I might be back later, but for now I'm going to go read something.

Those flocks of geese who have been flying south over the neighborhoods the last few nights were on to something.

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