rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I managed to go shopping without getting more than lightly sprinkled on, once. Tomorrow's rain has been canceled, but the cold hasn't. In fact cold will continue for the foreseeable future, day and night. Fortunately the wind has died down, for now, so at least I can go out without getting wind chilled.

The next rainstorm isn't due until Wednesday afternoon, and it will be a cold rain again. There will probably be snow farther up in the mountains, which is good news. I don't know if the accumulation will be as high this winter as it was last winter, but if it is even half that there will be plenty of water next summer.

Yesterday and last night's rain wasn't as copious as had been predicted, and I haven't seen the totals anywhere, but it was probably close to two inches. The plants are no longer thirsty, and as they are likely to get more rain next week I won't be doing any more irrigating, at least for a while. It's nice to have that task out of the way. In early summer it's enjoyable to be out watering in the warm evenings, but as they season progresses it becomes tedious. By September I'm ready to be rid of it.

The clouds ought to be breaking up soon, so I might get a look at the full moon after all. I was expecting it to be obscured. It was officially full just before midnight last night, local time, but it ought to still be impressive tonight. Of course I might end up falling asleep before the clouds thin out enough to provide a view. I got up pretty early and it's been a busy day.

I'm looking forward to seeing a bit of sunlight tomorrow.

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