rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The rain that was supposed to arrive after midnight last night didn't arrive until after noon today, and then it was little more than a drizzle until near nightfall. Since then it has grown more intense and fallen steadily, but I suspect it lacks the vigor to reach the three inches or so total that I expected earlier, unless it continues well after the time it is now expected to end late Saturday. Sunday is now expected to be rainless, or nearly so, and the rain might not return until late next Wednesday afternoon.

It is now also predicted to be somewhat colder than had been forecast earlier. The first low in the thirties of the season might be Saturday night, and the first high below fifty might be Sunday. It's feeling quite wintry already tonight, and it's only fifty degrees outside, heading down to forty-six. I guess I can give up the dream of a moderate energy bill this month. There is no real warmth scheduled for the next ten days. Only an unexpected Indian Summer could bail out my sorry ass (and checking account.)

It looks like I'll be shopping tomorrow, even if the rain is still coming down. On the bright side, there are a few things on sale this week that will be nice on the cold nights upcoming, including my favorite microwaveable frozen tamales. And the bargains are likely to get better as Thanksgiving approaches. Pie soon! Not this week, but soon.

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