rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Edge of Wetness

It was overcast all day, and there have been gusts of wind knocking leaves from the trees, but it still isn't raining. The forecast is now predicting that rain will start after midnight tonight, and continue through the middle of Saturday or later. Sunday now looks like a better time to shop, as the rain is expected to take a hiatus then. There could be more than three inches of rain over the next forty hours or so.

It's very dark out tonight, with the cloud cover so thick it hides all trace of the moon. I've gotten used to the bright moonlight we've had on recent nights, and it feels almost desolate without it. But there is a bit of fog in the air, too. I would dearly love to have a heavy fog. I like the quiet it brings, and the mystery.

Again I forgot to stick some potatoes in the oven to bake. It's going to get very cold tonight, too, so the extra heat would have been welcome. I'm probably going to heat up some soup again instead. There's a big roll that will soon be too stale to eat, but it will be good tonight buttered and dipped in hot soup, or perhaps toasted with cheese melted on it.

Sadly no English people will murder one another on television tonight, but there is a Gene Wilder movie which, if I recall, has Americans murdered in it, which will have to do. So now I'm going into the warmer room to watch it. I'm hoping my cable survives the coming storm.

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