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Replacement Time [Oct. 30th, 2017|07:26 pm]
Futzing with the... not old, but about to be replaced... computer for probably the last time. If I can make it keep track of the monitor long enough to post this, anyway. The replacement is a cheap, refurbished HP small form factor type, for which I don't have a good roosting place, but what the hell. I have to set the thing up and whatever now, and I hope I don't find that the problem with the old computer was actually th e monitor all along.

I actually don't know what the new (refurbished) machine can do, as it came with minimal documentation. I also have no idea how long this will take.

Oh, and my chiropractor has canceled tomorrow's appointment and won't be available until the middle of November. I do hope my neck doesn't freeze up in the meantime. I'm falling apart faster than my gadgets.