rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Balmy October Surprise

A balmy breeze is blowing from the north, smelling of pine. The day verged on sultry, and tomorrow will be warmer still. Tonight will get cool eventually, but I doubt I'll need to close the windows until midnight or later. The house still hasn't caught up with the outdoor temperature and remains very comfortable, about five degrees lower than outdoors.

It's delightful to know I'll have several more days of this moderation before the chill starts to reassert itself in the middle of next week. That is if the forecast is right. This time of year one can never be sure. But it's clear I'll have to be doing some watering of the yard soon. Water is cheaper than gas, though, so it's much better to need to water than to have to heat the house with that costly furnace.

The only thing I have to worry about is that more wildfires might get started. The air is very dry, and the breezes pretty strong, so fire would be a bad situation. In fact there are still six fires burning in the region north of San Francisco, though all are now pretty close to complete containment. The recent rain undoubtedly helped a bit, but on that side of the state was insufficient to end the fires. On this side, where rain was heavier, they were already out.

Right now I'm listening to the breeze stir the leaves of the fruitless mulberry tree outside my window. They are still green, of course, the mulberry being the last tree to turn color and lose its leaves each year. As warm as this day was I was glad of its shade.

For some reason a balmy spell after the first chill days of autumn always makes me want to listen to bossa nova, which is what I've been doing this evening. Let's see if this embed thing from YouTube works: Oh, yes, it does. Summer of 1963, if I recall correctly.

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