rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Rain, or Not?

The serious rain yesterday's forecast promised has been downgraded to showers, which is all we've had so far, but we might get a bit more after eleven o'clock. What we are getting plenty of is wind. I'm also getting a lot of sneezes. I don't know if the draft is stirring something up or if I'm suddenly coming down with a cold. I'm supposed to go shopping tomorrow, and it's going to be a very chilly day, so a cold would be disastrous.

Which reminds me I haven't yet checked the supermarket web sites and made out my shopping list. Another half hour to be devoured. I'd better get to that.

Oh, the venting turbine on the roof started squeaking again as soon as it got damp from the sprinkles, and the wind is keeping it turning. Something will have to be done about that soon, too. But I did enjoy the overcast day, which was a nice change from the torrid summer. Now if we can just get those lovely clouds to let loose with at least half an inch of actual rain tonight, it will all be worthwhile.

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