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The rain is still in the forecast, and should be here in less than 24 hours. I can hardly wait. Tomorrow will qualify as cool, with a high of 61, and Friday will be getting cold, with a high of 54, so I'll be paying for the furnace. But then next week it is predicted to get up into the 80s, which is quite warm for October here, so I'll be saving a bit then. The nights will be cool enough that I'm sure I won't be needing to pay for air conditioning.

Last night a skunk visited my yard. None of the feral cats were about at the time, so nobody got sprayed. Later the raccoons came by and overturned the cats' water bowls. Raccoons are rude. I'm expecting them to come around again tonight, and every night as long as the walnuts are available. I forgot to search the ground for any this evening, so I'm sure the beasts will find some tonight and devour them. So far this year I've only been able to snag half a dozen for myself. Te squirrels raid the tree several times a day, and have probably already taken more than my entire share will end up being. But at least the squirrels don't mess with the water bowls.

I'm still sleeping late in the days, and thus everything seems rushed. It seems I can have sufficient sleep or I can have leisurely afternoons and evenings, but not both. I'm also having quite a bit of trouble with my keyboard lately. It's very low to respond, fails to register sometimes so I have letters or spaces or punctuation missing that I have to go back and fix,and sometimes it sticks and repeats single letters. I suppose the fact that it is over ten years old and has been exposed to dust and cat hair the entire time might have something to do with that. If I have to replace it I intend to get one that comes with a cover of some sort. It's too late to bother covering this one, I'm sure.

It will have to be a quick dinner again tonight, as I'm running out of time before the television must be watched (really, it's a demanding machine which I'm sure would try to kill me in my sleep if I don't watch it enough.) Maybe I'll heat up a can of chili, though I was originally thinking I'd have that tomorrow night when it will be cold and (hopefully) rainy. But what the hell. I'm figuratively starving right now. There's always rainy day soup for tomorrow.

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