rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Our local fires are now completely contained, and some progress is being made against the fires in other parts of the state. The rain that has been predicted for Thursday and Friday has been compressed in the latest forecast to an overnight storm, perhaps lasting into the mid morning on Friday. Tentatively I'm going shopping on Friday this week, so I hope the rain doesn't hang around into late afternoon.

Although the fires are contained, there must still be some smoldering going on in a few hot spots, as I did smell a bit of smoke early this evening. It probably wouldn't have been anybody using their fireplace, as it was quite warm today, and the evening was mild. Tomorrow will probably be much the same.

The good news is that I caught up on my sleep last night. The bad news is that I didn't wake up until around two o'clock this afternoon and I've been running late ever since. I need to get the trash together and put the wheelie bins out for collection, and I still haven't had dinner. Looks like the microwave will be getting some use. There's no time for any actual cooking.

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