rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Tomorrow will be 2 minutes 31 seconds shorter

Tomorrow will also be warmer. This afternoon the balmy air flowed through the house but the house remained cool. One of the nice things about autumn here is that you can stay cool indoors and be warm outside. There is a choice, and both choices are pleasant. After enduring sultry summer, and anticipating chilly winter, autumn is like a rare luxury to be savored. I'm savoring it. Three more luxurious days to come, and there might be at least three more following the rainy period that is to arrive later this week.

It feels almost wicked to be enjoying the fine October weather so greatly when a short distance away a big part of the state is still burning and thousands have been made homeless. While one of our local fires has remained static in acreage, the other has barely expanded, and both are now 95% contained, Napa and Sonoma Counties and other areas are still much farther from seeing an end to their ordeals. This October, though (so far) kind to me, will, I think, not be remembered fondly by a great many Californians.

There was something else on my mind, but it has escaped. That happens more and more. Have I already said that? I suspect I have, and probably more than once. Ah, well. Aging. Can't live with it, can't live without it.


Sunday Verse

June 18

Night Piece

by Juan Ramón Jiménez

  The ship, slow and rushing at the same time, can get ahead of the water
but not the sky.
The blue is left behind, opened up in living silver,
and is ahead of us again.
The mast, fixed, swings and constantly returns
—like an hour hand that points
always to the same hour—
to the same stars,
hour after hour black and blue.
The body as it daydreams goes
towards the earth that belongs to it, from the other earth
that does not. The soul stays on board, moving
through the kingdom it has owned from birth.

–translated by Robert Bly

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