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Wind had been predicted for today, but it didn't happen— at least not here. Once again all we had locally were gentle breezes. Better still, I didn't smell smoke at all today, and I'm still not smelling any tonight, even though both of the local fires are still burning. The one on the other side of town is at 150 acres and 75% contained, while the one below this side of town is at 8,360 acres & 65% contained. The progress on containment and small increases in acreage burned is probably due in part to the absence of that wind.

The other side of the state isn't doing as well, with most of the fires still advancing and containment creeping up with agonizing slowness. I'm guessing that by the time our local fires are out, those from the other side of the state will have advanced this far and we'll have to flee them. Those are some mean-ass fires.

Rain is still being predicted for late next week, after the upcoming warm spell is gone. There's a 71% chance next Thursday and a 56% chance Friday morning. We could be getting the season's first nocturnal low in the thirties that night, too. But there isn't expected to be a whole lot of rain. probably less than an inch altogether. That will be good news for the crews who are still repairing the Oroville Dam spillway that was damaged by last year's overabundant rain. They won't be done until early November.

No rain this Friday though, and it looks like I'll be going shopping then. Hey, that's tomorrow! I'd better finish writing my list. And I'd better go out and check the mailbox, because I totally forgot to do that today... and yesterday... and... well, I don't think I've checked it since Tuesday. Yikes.

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