rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

The Night After the Full Moon I Failed to Note

Well, lets see if the heat I captured today is enough to keep the furnace off when the chilly early morning hours arrive. It's gone on every night for the last four nights, even if only for a little while last night. Right now it's about seventy degrees in here, but outside it will be dropping into the mid-fifties before dawn. The house won't get that cold, of course, but it might get into the higher fifties.

A board in my side fence needs to be nailed back into place. This evening the dog next door dislodged it and came into my yard, freaking out the feral cats. The dog is back indoors now (he gets to stay in the house at night when it gets this chilly) but I'll have to get the fence fixed before he gets to go back out tomorrow. It was too dark to fix it tonight. There are a bunch of bushes adjacent to the broken fence, and at night the spiders that live in them come out.I wouldn't be able to concentrate on the job with the thought of them crawling on me.

The other day I went out back and heard some faint buzzing, and saw a swarm of bees (or perhaps wasps) over the roof of the house next door. As I watched, they flew among the branches of a pine tree next to that house, and I lost both sight and sound of them. I don't know if they hived somewhere in that area, or just continued on beyond the tree to find some other place to settle. They were whirling about like a small tornado, which was interesting to see. I stayed close to the back door in case the decided to come into my yard, but they didn't. I'm glad they didn't decide to hive under the roof of my back porch.

I didn't get to go shopping today, but I'm going tomorrow instead of waiting until Sunday. The nephew is supposed to cough up some money he owes me, but if he doesn't I'll have to do triage on my list. I hope I don't, because they have good prices on quite a bit of stuff I really want this week. The deals typically start getting better in October, and continue through the holiday season. It's the time of year to get fat.

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