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The distant maple tree that sits in the next block along the cross street at the end of my block is displaying lots of red leaves. I didn't notice it until today. I used to have a clear view of it from most of my back yard, until the next house down on the block behind mine got a back yard garage-workshop about twenty by forty, which blocks most of my view in that direction. But today I wandered a bit farther back past the jasmine hedge, and that reddening tree just jumped right onto my eyes. Autumn!

I don't remember when the small crickets quit their buzzing. Just now I was out back and noticed for the first time that they are gone. Thinking back, it seems like along time since I noticed them. While they were buzzing their noise loomed very large in my thoughts, so it seems odd that the noise would stop and I wouldn't even notice its absence. I guess I finally just got so used to them that my ears went dead to them. Goodbye, crickets. Hear you again too soon, next summer.

Tonight I am baking that frozen lasagna I bought Sunday. It's been a long time since I've had one, it being one of the most expensive items I ever buy. Really looking forward to it. Lasagna always reminds me of the Italian restaurants I used to frequent in Los Angeles. It was always a good dinner for a chilly autumn night. I've also got a stale telera roll with which I can make garlic toast. Can't have lasagna without garlic toast. That would be as illegal as eating a meal without grits in Georgia.

Speaking of grits, I made some for lunch the other day. I can't say I was especially surprised that they are (it is) essentially mush. I'd say I like it a bit better than ordinary corn meal mush, but not as much as Malt-o-Meal, which is my favorite hot cereal. Between grits and oatmeal it's probably a tossup. I made it (them) as I do all hot cereals, with a bit of ground ginger in lieu of salt, and topped it with butter and cinnamon sugar, of course. I was thinking molasses might be good on it instead of cinnamon sugar, but I don't have any. I might look into buying some next week. That's a really big bag of grits I bought, so I'll be wanting to give it some variety.

And speaking of shopping, I forgot to visit the grocery store web sites and make out this week's list today. It's probably too late now, as the television is waiting and I don't want to arouse its anger by neglecting it. And that lasagna is almost done. I can smell it. Mmmmm.

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