rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The Internet connection is misbehaving yet again. I manage to get the update page open, but I'm not sure I'll be able to post this entry. Its currently 7:33 Monday evening, October 02, 2017. If the entry doesn't show up until Tuesday it's been a bad night. If it doesn't show up until 2043, I'm probably dead.

Last night the wind was impressive, though not as intense as ti has sometimes been. I watched the shadows of swaying trees cast by moonlight, and today I swept leaves and pine needles from by back walk. I haven't bothered to sweep the driveway. Cars can easily crush anything that has fallen there.

But today has been merely breezy. The wind might pick up again tonight, though, so I might have to re-sweep the walk again tomorrow. I don't mind sweeping when the days are so pleasantly mild. It only went up into the low seventies today, and might only reach seventy tomorrow. It's going to get quite chilly tonight, though ,and I expect I'll hear that furnace running again by midnight.

One of my feral cats might ave been spooked by the windstorm and gone into hiding, as I haven't seen him all day. If it's going to blow again tonight I hope he comes home to eat before it starts up again. I don't like to leave a full bowl of cat food out at night as the raccoons usually eat it. The raccoons are fat enough already.

It's trash night again. Maybe I ought to have raked the driveway, too, but I forgot I had to get the wheelie bins out to the street tonight. Cars might easily crush tree debris, but the tiny wheels on the bins tend to get hung up on some of it and make moving them tedious.

Hey, I've got a green connection light. I'd better post this now.

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