rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

More of the Mild

The waxing moon was about a third of the way up the eastern sky at sunset this evening, so the first full moon of autumn is only a few days away— October 5, to be exact. This year it's going to be the harvest moon, which is the full moon nearest the equinox. October's full moon is the harvest moon every third year. The rest of the time the harvest moon comes in September. Inconstant moon.

Next Wednesday's on again, off again rain is off again. It looks like the mild weather will be continuing for the next ten days, at least— good news for my utility bill, if the forecast holds. A big if, of course, October being what it is. And the benefit of the lower power bill is somewhat offset by the likelihood of a higher water bill if we don't get any rain soon. I won't have to water as much during the mild weather as I did during the hot weather, but the plants still get dry.

The squirrels are still raiding the walnut tree every day. The nuts aren't ripe yet, but there is at least one squirrel who doesn't seem to care. It capers about in the tree every afternoon, snatching green nuts, peeling the skins off, cracking them open and munching on them. This year's crop is bigger than last year's, but if that squirrel keeps taking them at such a rate I could end up harvesting fewer than last year in the end. I'm going to have to start considering squirrel stew as a substitute for the missing nuts.

I'm hoping the grocery stores have better sales next week than they have this week. This week I'm just going to conserve my money, because there's not much to buy. There are a couple of things I'll have to buy at the regular price because I'm out of them, but there'sonly one decent buy this week, that being butter, and I fear they might run out of it before I get there and I'll have to remember to get a rain check for it. I'm always forgetting rain checks.

I woke up too early today and now I'm starting to feel like I'm about to nod off. Maybe there's something on television that will be riveting enough to keep me awake. Probably not, but I can hope.

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