rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


When the weather gets so nice I never seem to catch up with the Internet. Having gotten enough sleep last night didn't help, either. I woke up rested and discovered the mild, mostly cloudy day with its fascinating sky, and went out frequently to enjoy watching it. The feral cats seemed to enjoy having my company so often, coming up one after another to rub against my leg almost every time I went out.

But of course I looked at Internet only in snatches, and still haven't finished my quota. Nor have I had my dinner. It's something I can just heat up, so no problem there, but Internet is starting to look like a chore I won't get done, so I might as well just blow it off lest I get resentful about it. After all I never signed a contract promising to read every word of every news feed every day. If the news gets as good as the weather, then I'll read more. For now, it's good night Internet. I have a moon to check on.

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