rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Olfactory Follies

A couple of days ago my yard smelled like cologne for hours. Tonight it smells like pizza. I don't think it's someone baking pizza, or someone has had a pizza delivered, because it's smelled like pizza out there for well over an hour now. While the smell of pizza is pleasant, unlike the smell of cologne, I'm not sure which one I've found most distressing. The cologne smell was merely unpleasant, while the delightful pizza smell is making me hungry for pizza, which I don't have.

If a brain tumor is responsible for these smells I'm really pissed off at it. Sure, go ahead and make me miserable with cologne smell if you must, but why make me hungry with pizza smell? Bad tumor!

Shopping will be on Sunday again this week. It ought to be a fairly pleasant day to go out, with a high of 75. It is supposed to get cooler after that, with highs in the sixties on Tuesday and Wednesday, and the nights dropping into the forties, which means the furnace will be coming back on. Oh, and the rain next Wednesday that was predicted in Tuesday's report and dropped from yesterday's has been re-predicted, but with the chance now only 25%. There's plenty of time for it to change again, though.

There's a half moon out tonight—or at least it looks like a half moon, though my eyesight has gotten bad enough that I can't be positive. It might be slightly less or slightly more. Whatever it is, it's casting a pleasant light on the landscape and I'm going to go out and watch it for a while before I fix my belated dinner. I was going to have ramen tonight, but the smell of pizza made that seem inadequate. I haven't figured out yet what to substitute, but maybe going out and smelling the pizza will give me some ideas. Probably not, but I might as well give it a shot.
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