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My Internets connection is cutting out again. It must not like temperature changes, especially downward, as it usually happens a little bit in the late morning when it's getting warmer, but is worse in the evening when the temperature starts to fall. It's like its attention span shrinks. Now, if it was more like me it would never have much of an attention span, so there would be no problem. There would simply be no Internets.

It's likely that the roofing next door is done. They had four guys over there all day, and they knocked off before four o'clock, so they might be done (except for putting the dish TV antenna back up, which they had to drop in order to do the roofing.) I can't seen the entire roof from my house or yard, but the parts I can see are complete. If they are truly gone, the feral cats will be happy. Most of them stayed hidden all day today, until the roofers left. I'll be glad not to be hearing the nail gun and its compressor myself. It woke me up way too early this morning, and I'd like to sleep later tomorrow to make up for it.

The fine weather continues, though today would have been a bit too hot if I'd had to do anything strenuous. Fortunately I didn't, and I didn't envy the roofers who did. Tomorrow is supposed to be slightly cooler, and it should cool more after that, but still remain in the seventies by day for another week or so. Sadly, the 50% chance of rain predicted for next Wednesday has vanished from the forecast. I'm not at all surprised, and wouldn't be surprised if the prediction reappeared tomorrow or later. Weather around the time of the equinoxes is very unstable.

Once again I forgot it was Wednesday and didn't get around to checking the supermarket web sites. I might do it later, if I don't fall asleep after my belated dinner, which I'm going to go fix now. If I can remember what it was going to be. I'll look in the refrigerator and the cupboards to see if anything rings a bell. If not, there's always popcorn.

Oh, there were so many pretty cirrus clouds today! I watched them a long time.

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