rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Got my head yanked around by the chiropractor today, and it went pretty well. That's probably because the cooler weather hasn't had be contorting myself in my sleep, vainly trying to escape the miserable heat. Other things got done today, too, including some raking of leaves in the back back yard, which will make some space for the new crop of leaves that is already falling. Some of those that got raked were there from last year, I probably ought to have kept some of them because they were well-moldered and on their way to being compost.

The yard did not smell like a dead fraternity boy today. Not a trace of cologne in the air. The house next door is getting a new roof, and I wondered if maybe the roofers had found the dead frat boy and hauled his cadaver off, but I didn't ask them. Of course its likely there never was a dead bro nearby, and I am just getting a brain tumor that caused me to smell cologne that wan't there. If so, I hope it makes me smell something less offensive in the future. Nachos, perhaps, or fennel.

Tonight I'm smelling mostly dried grass, which is normal for the time of year and probably not tumor-related at all. It is making me crave toast, but I didn't buy any bread this week. There might be an English muffin or two in the breadbox, but those never smell quite like toasted bread. There is also one more telera roll, but those have to be meticulously trimmed if you want to toast them, so probably not worth the trouble.

It is still fairly balmy this evening, and I'm enjoying open windows. The long range forecast is still predicting warm days for more than a week, but the nights are now predicted to be somewhat chiller than before. There is even a possibility of rain on Monday, but this time of year I'm not going to count on it. Things can change quickly. I would enjoy it, though, and if it was sufficient I could avoid a few days of watering.

I have to go out and check on the feral cats. Two of them have made themselves scarce all day thanks to the raking in my yard and the roofing going on next door. They are going to be hungry when they get back, and I'd like to feed them and get the food bowls cleaned out before the raccoons show up. They have been coming around every night lately, and I'd rather not be feeding them. It's enough that they dirty and upset the cats' water bowls. Besides which one of them growls at me every time he sees me. I'd rather not deal with animals that growl at me. I certainly don't intend to encourage them to come around by leaving food out.

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