rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Bin Time

When I went out back this evening it smelled like there had been an explosion in a cologne factory. As I watered the yard I kept poking under dense shrubbery with my toe, to see if maybe a frat boy had died under one of them. Nope. Maybe he's in a neighboring yard. Whatever the source, the smell is still out there, and it doesn't smell like any plant that grows around here, nor like any of the things people use in their laundry (I sometimes get a whiff of Downy on the air) and it has lingered too long to be from somebody's shower. I'm quite sure there's a scent-drenched bro, either dead or passed out, somewhere in the area. Well, maybe the scavenging raccoons will eat him and I'll be rid of the smell by tomorrow.

Aside from that it's another pleasant evening. I'm going to be heating a can of the onion soup I bought yesterday for dinner, with some cheese toast, since I have no way to make the traditional onion soup floating croûton thing. Plus no ramekin to heat it in. Oh, but first I have to gather all the trash and put it in the wheelie bin to go out tomorrow. I'm always forgetting to do that until late in the evening. I should get more organized, but I'll probably get less so.

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