rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Pleasant Shopping Weather Due

So I got to have the windows open for about four hours today, and I'm thinking the furnace probably won't come on until around midnight. Tomorrow night I'll be able to keep them open longer, and the furnace might not have to come on at all, and then might stay off for more than a week. That would be excellent. I'll get lots of fresh air in the house, and won't spend a fortune on gas.

I've got my shopping list made out for tomorrow, and I find there is very little actual food on it. I'll be getting lots of soup (if their stock hasn't been cleaned out by the time I get there) but the rest is mostly condiments, snacks, and stuff for the cats. Neither supermarket has much on sale this week, but Grocery Outlet has some faux-Twinkies called Otis Spunkmeyer's Creme Cakes. I'm not a huge Twinkie fan, but it's a ten pack for 99 cents, and I'm thinking it's worth that price for the name alone. I'll be entertaining people with that name for years.

My PBS station has moved into non-murder programming on Sunday nights, but there are still reruns of English people murdering one another on Fridays, and that's what I'm going to go watch now. It has Ron Weasley's dad pretending to be a Catholic priest. He must have gotten into trouble in the wizarding world and has to hide out among religious muggles for a while.
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