rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Dull Pleasantness

Today was the last chilly day for a while, which is probably why I ended up sleeping through so much of it. I was so cozy under the covers that after I got up for a few minutes around eight o'clock I went back to sleep and didn't get up again until one o'clock this afternoon, even though I woke up a couple more times. It's such a luxury to sleep under a blanket after so many sultry months. Even though it's going to warm up again I'll probably still be needing blankets for the chilly nights. Autumn is great.

So I really enjoyed the day, but then nothing happened. The cats didn't do anything interesting, the birds didn't do anything interesting, the squirrels didn't even show up. There was no thunder, no rain, no wind. It was excellent boredom, but nothing to write home about, or a journal entry. Maybe tomorrow will be interesting. I doubt it, though. Probably just more relaxing boredom. I can remember when boredom drove me up the walls. No more. One of the perks of age, I guess.

Dishes to wash, dinner to heat up, television to watch. Then back to sleep under the blankets.

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